We’re delighted to welcome John May to the DSS team as our Sales Director EMEA looking after forming, shoring and access products international.

John has a background in Industrial scaffolding and formwork design and brings more than 35 years of experience in sales and business development of new markets.

His journey has equipped him with an understanding of the importance of solid business relationships and trusted products. “DSS has built its business on these qualities, and it is the fundamental values that will form the foundation of our progress into new geographical areas of business,” John said.

Throughout his career, John has worked collaboratively with his clients to develop new products and services. Past company initiatives presented challenges to enter new markets not only with a new concept but against established competition.  Working on major construction projects such as the new airport projects in Hong Kong and Dubai gave real understanding of the importance of multilevel communication along with logistical competence. Working in Africa the Middle East and European markets created a great need to understand how products and people would work safely and efficiently in each, ensuring that all are aligned to the respective standards established in the specific region or country.

“These experiences have delivered many learning moments which enable me to navigate the complexities of both the Industrial access and Forming & Shoring sectors we want to penetrate with a strategic mindset.” John said.

Having joined DSS, John is excited to expand the company’s market share and trusted name. “I am eager to collaborate with our talented team and contribute to the continued growth and success of the company. Together, we will be the premier supplier for our business partners.” John added.

Outside of work, John enjoys ‘trying’ to play football and golf and walking his dogs.

“I look forward to being part of the DSS family and contributing to the exciting journey ahead,” John said.

You can contact John at [email protected]