Among the myriad components that contribute to the safety and stability of scaffolding systems, Cage Rings stand out as essential elements designed to enhance the protection and accessibility of workers. In this article, we will discover What are Cage Rings in scaffolding? significance of Cage Rings in scaffolding and explore their diverse applications in the construction realm.

DSS Cage Ring, Cage Ring Clamp and Cage Ring Bolt 

What are Cage Rings in Scaffolding ?

DSS Cage Rings, also known as Safety Cage Rings or Safety Collars, are specialized components integrated into scaffolding systems to create an enclosed and secure space for workers. These rings are typically installed around vertical scaffold tubes, forming a protective barrier that helps prevent accidents such as falls from elevated work areas. Cage Rings contribute significantly to safety measures on construction sites, particularly when working at substantial heights

Product Code Description Weight LBS Weight Kgs
LDCLR75C 3/4 Ladder Cage Ring w/1/2 Clamp 12.3 5.6 3/4 Ladder Cage Ring w/1/2 Clamp12.35.6 
DSS Ladder Cage Ring dimensions

What are Cage Ring Clamps in scaffolding ? 

DSS Cage metal Ring Clamps swiftly secure Cage Rings to scaffold tubes, Ring clamp function ensuring a stable safety enclosure for workers at heights. Their quick installation, durability, and compatibility make them crucial in enhancing safety on construction sites.

Product Code Description Weight LBS Weight Kgs
LDCLRC Ladder Cage Ring w/1/2 Clamp (CAGD)14.76.7
DSS Cage Ring Clamps dimensions

What Cage Ring Bolts ?

DSS Cage Ring Bolts are essential fastening elements in scaffolding, designed for secure attachment of Cage Rings to scaffold tubes. With their durable construction and precise design, these bolts ensure a reliable and stable safety enclosure, prioritizing safety on construction sites.

Product Code Description Weight LBS Weight Kgs
LDCLRSLadder Cage Ring w/SAUT Bolt10.14.6 
DSS Cage Ring Bolts dimensions

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Key Features of Cage Rings:

  • Enclosed Design:
    The primary feature of safety Cage Rings is their enclosed design, which provides a protective barrier around scaffold tubes. This design minimizes the risk of workers accidentally slipping or falling from elevated platforms.
  • Sturdy Construction:
    Cage Rings are constructed from robust materials such as steel, ensuring durability and reliability in various construction environments. Their sturdy build enhances the overall stability of the scaffolding structure.
  • Quick Installation:
    Cage Rings are designed for quick and straightforward installation. They can be easily attached to scaffold tubes, allowing for efficient setup and dismantling when needed.
  • Compliance with Safety Standards:
    These safety components adhere to industry safety standards, ensuring that construction sites comply with regulations and guidelines related to working at heights. The use of safety Cage Rings reflects a commitment to creating a secure working environment.

Applications of Safety Cage Rings in Scaffolding:

  • High-Rise Construction:
    Cage Rings are frequently employed in high-rise construction projects where workers are exposed to elevated platforms. They provide an added layer of protection against accidental falls, especially during tasks requiring precision and focus.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance:
    During maintenance and repair work on bridges, towers, or other infrastructure, Cage Rings offer a secure enclosure for workers. This is crucial when performing tasks that involve working near edges or over voids.
  • Industrial Facilities:
    In industrial settings where scaffolding is utilized for access to machinery or equipment, safety Cage Rings play a vital role in ensuring the safety of workers navigating these elevated workspaces as recommended by OSHA.
  • Complex Structures:
    When constructing scaffolding around intricate or irregularly shaped structures, Cage Rings provide a reliable solution for creating a secure working environment. This is especially important in projects where standard guardrails may not suffice.


Cage Rings in scaffolding exemplify the industry’s commitment to prioritizing worker safety. Their enclosed design, sturdy construction, and quick installation make them indispensable components in construction projects where elevated work platforms are a necessity. By incorporating Cage Rings into scaffolding systems, construction professionals not only comply with safety standards but also contribute to fostering a secure and protective environment for workers at various heights. As construction practices evolve, Cage Rings continue to be a vital element in the ongoing pursuit of elevating safety standards in the industry.