Ever wondered What is swivel System Jack in Scaffolding? System Jack a game-changer that promises to redefine the way we approach adjustable support when leveling a scaffold. In this article we will discover what is swivel system jack, Functionality, Considerations, Dimensions, and its Uses.

What is Swivel System jack in Scaffolding?

The Swivel System Jack is a pivotal component in scaffolding, designed for height adjustment and leveling. Its swiveling capability adds versatility to scaffold structures, allowing for precise alignment on uneven surfaces.

Functionality Swivel System in Scaffolding:

A swivel system jack’s primary function is to give scaffolding adjustable support and leveling flexibility. Workers can raise or lower scaffolding platforms to desired heights thanks to its threaded rod design. Which ensures stability on uneven surfaces. Flexible positioning is made possible by the swivel base. Which can accommodate the various angles and combinations required for complex building tasks.

Considerations for Swivel System jacks:

Swivel jacks should be anchored to the structural surface or restrained. Anchors, bolts or restraints must hold 4 times the capacity. The shear force that will be applied on the slope.
If the angle will exceed 45° consult a Professional Engineer before erecting your structure.
DSS recommends that you always consult a Professional Engineer before erecting a scaffold structure.

Dimensions for DSS Swivel System Jack

Product Code DescriptionExtension
ExtensionMetersHeightInchesHeightMetersWeightLbs WeightKg
BPSJS Swivel System Jack 21”14 0.3720.980.539.14.15 
BPSJS69 Swivel System Jack 27”17 0.44 27.340.6910.84.90

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Uses of Swivel System Jack:

  • Height Adjustment:
    Swivel System Jacks are primarily employed to adjust the height of scaffolding elements. They facilitate precise alterations, ensuring the scaffold is level and stable at varying elevations.
  • Adaptability to Uneven Surfaces:
    The swiveling feature enables the jack to accommodate uneven or sloped surfaces. Providing a stable foundation for scaffolding on challenging terrains.
  • Versatile Support:
    Swivel System Jacks can support frame scaffolding and system scaffolding, contributing to the overall stability and alignment of the scaffold structure.
  • Ease of Installation:
    Designed for user-friendly installation, Swivel System Jacks are adjustable with minimal effort, allowing for quick and efficient setup of scaffolding systems.


Swivel System Jacks, with their height-adjusting capabilities and adaptability to uneven surfaces, contribute significantly to the stability and functionality of scaffolding structures. 
Swivel system jack, provides the height, angle, and support capabilities that are necessary for both safe and effective building operations. Because of its adaptability, it can be used in a wide range of building applications and guarantees stability and dependability at the project site. Understanding the function and uses of the swivel system jack is important for optimizing both security and productivity while using scaffolding.


Q1: How does the swivel feature benefit scaffolding on uneven surfaces?

The swiveling capability of the jack allows it to pivot, adapting to irregular terrains and ensuring a stable scaffold setup even on uneven ground.

Q2: What is the weight-bearing capacity of Swivel System Jacks?

The weight-bearing capacity can vary based on the specific design and material of the jack. It is crucial to adhere to manufacturer guidelines and load specifications for safe use.

Q3: Are Swivel System Jacks compatible with all types of scaffolding systems?

Swivel System Jacks are generally compatible with most scaffolding systems, but it’s essential to ensure that the specific jack design aligns with the scaffold components being used.