Top 5 Summer Scaffolding Safety Tips

The days are longer, the sun is shining, and the summer heat is upon us. For those working on scaffolding projects, the changing of the seasons brings new challenges to consider. You need to prioritize safety, efficiency, and productivity under the summer sun. There are top five Summer Scaffolding Safety Tips you should keep in […]

Save Lives with Scaffold Tagging System

As a safety professional, you know that scaffolding accidents are a leading cause of injuries and fatalities in the construction industry. Despite regulations and training, scaffolding collapses continue to endanger workers’ lives and cost companies millions each year. However, new technology offers a simple solution that can significantly improve scaffolding safety and save lives like […]

Unauthorized Access Prevention: Secure Scaffold Investment

As a business owner, you’ve invested heavily in scaffolding equipment so you should know about secure scaffold investment to ensure safe and efficient work at height. However, that significant investment is at risk if you don’t take measures to prevent unauthorized access to your scaffolding site. Your scaffolding could easily be an attractive nuisance, tempting […]

Scaffolding From Europe to North America

Scaffolding: A Global Profession Scaffolding, a temporary structure used during construction, has become ubiquitous in cities and job sites around the world. As a critical tool for workers in the building trade, scaffolding allows access to heights that would otherwise be impossible to reach. From the iconic scaffolded dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London […]

Scaffolding Around The World – From Down Under to Asia

As a traveler, experiencing the architecture and infrastructure of different places around the world can be truly inspiring.However, temporary barricades often hide the means of creating and maintaining these impressive structures from view. Scaffolding is an integral part of construction and restoration, but frequently disappears from sight once the work is complete. Take a moment […]

Why a 1 ½ inch scaffold tube does not have a 1 ½ inch diameter

As a construction professional, you rely on the stated specifications of building materials to be accurate for planning and safety. However, have you ever purchased a 1 1/2-inch scaffold tube only to discover it does not actually measure 1 1⁄2 inches in diameter? This common occurrence can be frustrating and even dangerous if not properly […]

Painted vs Galvanized Scaffolds:  Which to choose

As a construction professional, choosing the right scaffolding system for your project is crucial to worker safety, efficiency, and budget. You need to consider factors like corrosion resistance, durability, cost, and ease of use while comparing painted vs galvanized scaffolds to choose which one is better suited for your needs. While galvanized scaffolds provide superior […]

5 Tips to Extend Scaffolding Life

You spent good money on that scaffolding for your latest home renovation project, so you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. With some basic maintenance and care, you can extend scaffolding life and save money in the long run. Here are five pro tips to keep your scaffolding in tip-top shape […]

The World’s largest Scaffolding projects in Construction

As skyscrapers and iconic structures continue to push the boundaries of modern engineering, scaffolding projects has become an integral part of construction and renovation for projects of enormous scale. You may not give much thought to the temporary steel and wooden structures erected around buildings under development, but scaffolding has facilitated some of the most […]

Top 5 Benefits of Ring Lock Scaffolding Systems

Ring  Lock Scaffolding Systems

As a construction professional, you understand the importance of safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness on the job site. When selecting scaffolding systems, those factors should be at the forefront of your decision making. Ring lock scaffolding provides a solution that checks all those boxes and more. Within a modular framework, ring lock scaffolding maximizes adaptability and […]